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Two of the great attractions of sailing in Alaska are its remoteness and its vastness. On the other hand, searching for an overdue boat in that remote vastness can be akin to searching for the elusive needle in a haystack. We are providing an easy-to-use float plan that might make a lot of difference if locating an overdue vessel.

Complete this form and give a copy to someone whom you trust. Have that person contact rescue personnel if you are overdue from a planned trip. This is a typable PDF: download the form and you can type right on it from your computer, although of course you can just print it and complete it by hand. To select a choice such as "gasoline" or "diesel", just click on the appropriate choice. When you've completed the form, print it. Your contact person should receive one, the harbormaster might receive one, and you can post one at the clubhouse. Let your kids complete it and show them that being prepared is a family affair. It's just as important to "close out" a float plan by notifying all holders of the float plan that you have returned.

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