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 Founded in 1975!

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Membership fees for 2023:

Family $390; Individual $240; Cruisers or Alumni $125; Junior or Race Crew $25 and if you are a LiveAboard an additional $100.  This additional LiveAboard fee is to help us with the additional utilities, wear and tear, etc. that everyday use of the clubhouse entails.

Please download and complete the membership form by clicking on the link below. The form is a "typable" PDF so after downloading it, you may simply type directly onto the form, print and mail it to the included address or email to

Membership Form      Please, please...complete and mail or email to us a completed Membership form, regardless of how you choose to pay! Our data files need to be updated and your completed membership form is the only way that we have of acquiring the information.

To use PayPal or credit card to pay the dues, please use these PayPal buttons. Please remember that the Membership Form still needs to be legibly completed and emailed.

To pay the Family membership ($390):


To pay the Family membership LiveAboard ($490):


To pay the  Individual membership ($240):


To pay the Individual  LiveAboard membership ($340):


To pay the Cruisers or Alumni membership dues ($125):


To pay the Juniors or Race Crew membership ($25):


Parking permit in front of our clubhouse and the adjacent lot.

To receive our Club's bylaws please send this email >>>>>>

Where do you fit in??   Please go here for more explanation on membership categories.


  Please e-mail our webmaster with any site questions.

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