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During two days in early February, 2014, the club sponsored a class on splicing rope. Below are the resources that the instructor generated and collected for the students. We hope that you find them useful. Bill Ennis was the instructor.

Splicing resources are in four categories: those generated by the instructor, documents found on-line showing 3-strand splicing, on-line documents on double-braid splicing, and general information on ropes.

Teacher-generated Resources

Class lecture

Chain-to-rode splice

Splicing supplies

Double-braid splicing Powerpoint

3-Strand Resources

Eye splice

Back splice

Short splice

Long splice

Double Braid Splice Resources

Double braid eye

Sta Set X eye

Brion Toss comments on double braid eyes

General Rope Information

Rope characteristics

Rope inspection

StaSet information

StaSet X information

Rope selection


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